Thursday, March 5, 2009

Let's get this party started!

I've been working hard on several really fun, whimsical and inspired pieces that I'll be offering in the store. As I work on new patterns and try new things, I plan to blog about it for feedback.

Yesterday I worked on four pieces:

1) a simple reversible pinafore. These are so classic, fun and sweet. I love being able to combine two really awesome fabrics. The Pinny I finished yesterday will go up in the store as soon as it's photographed. It's a really great brown with aqua flora on one side and lemon with aqua/blues on the other. I adore this fabric and can't wait to work with it for a few other ideas I have in mind.

2) an awesome shirred-top halter dress. It's bright yellow Alexander Henry lemon fabric for the skirt and yellow and white polka dot shirring for the bodice with matching yellow polka dot halter ties. It looks absolutely adorable on! I'm so happy with it.

3) a twirl apron skirt. This was a pet project. I really really wanted to make up an apron skirt in fun, whimsical colors with a pocket. My daughter is head-over-heels in love with it and wants to wear it all the time. It was more time consuming than my other projects but totally worth every second.

4) a traditional pillowcase dress. I found some adorable old fashioned fabric in light colors that aren't quite what I'd call "pastel" which conjures images that give me nausea :) It's more in neutral creams and browns that I love and are still appropriate for spring and summer. The fabric has old fashioned images of children in trees and playing and it ties at the shoulders with cream colored colorsafe ribbon. I know there are a lot of people who really adore pillowcase dresses so I'll be offering them in the store.

5) I'm also working on sewing up a linen button-front dress and matching linen pinafore that ties on the sides. The pinafore will also go with the next dress I work on which will be similar in style to the linen button-front but will be made from a bright cotton print, instead. It's fun working with some different fabrics and styles. This outfit is very European. And it's white. And before you object, keep in mind that white is not scary. White can be bleached! Ivory is scary, pastels are REALLY scary! :) But white is your friend!!

Pictures forthcoming for all of the above plus several skirts and dresses I worked up last week. Stay tuned!

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