Monday, April 20, 2009

Introducing: the Princess Charming Skirt

I asked Addy to name this skirt and she named it Bob. I think we need to work on her name choices. I veto'd and now presenting the Princess Charming Skirt....

It got it's name from the charm pack - a group of 5" x 5" squares of fabrics in a variety of coordinating prints. I absolutely LOVE working with charm packs becuase what better way is there to get a feel for different fabric prints and styles than working with a dozen or more different varieties in a single project? Also? I love that I don't have to cut. And I don't have to coordinate fabrics myself.

So the Princess Charming skirt it is!!!

These skirts are different from a lot of my stuff because they are not sized to fit other than the waistband. They are sized to grow with your child over a few years. As you can see, this dress on Addy is pretty long. She should get another 1-2 years out of it, for sure.

Here are just a few of the fabric groupings that I would love to see made into this skirt:

And my absolute favorite not-yet-available but coming-soon group:

These skirts are now available for custom order in the shop.


  1. Moda's Oh-Cherry-Oh is awesome! You will love it. I just got my hands on four yards of it, that was it...gotta keep a budget and all. It was so hard to to by a couple yards of an entire colorway. It washes up beautiful, too.

  2. The skirt looks amazing, and I'm loving that Cherry fabric pack!

  3. But I LIKE Bob. Tell Addy I like her choice better. Silly mommy should not have the power of veto!