Sunday, April 19, 2009

By popular demand: ruffle pants!

ruffle pants, originally uploaded by steppingonlegos.

Well...not quite pants. Capris. They could be made into pants or shorter capris but, for Addy, I like this length and so does she. I just love how she twirls and spins and dances in these pants. She calls them skirts because of the ruffles around the bottom and how they flow and twirl just like a skirt.

This week I'll be posting this outfit as a custom in the shop. I haven't offered a tiered twirl knot dress before but I love them so much and so will your little girl! They are so full, so twirly and so much fun. I'll be offering them alone and as an outfit with the ruffle pants.

I also have a new surprise listing for this week. Keep an eye out on the blog and the shop for more details. It's a super fun new item that you will just adore!


  1. BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  2. Thanks, so excited and can't wait to get ours. As I scroll through the blog again, I fell in love (again) with the stripework shirt...that style won't work for Lulu, but the wild colors -- can my skirt or dress look like that? It's spectacular!